Barbering & Cosmetology Refresher Course


We offer a refresher course in hair cutting, barbering, advanced color, etc. This course is ideal for those who are not yet confident enough to go work as a hairstylist or barber. They are caught in the middle. Not yet knowing enough to be a competitive hairstylist or barber, nor are they a beginner. They have worked in a hair salon as an assistant or have already attended a cosmetology or barbering school and want to finally get into the trade.

The course consists of everything to do with hair styling/Barbering. It is at a faster but comfortable pace. Students will learn the latest trends in cutting, styling, color, and everything else needed in the trade. Students are able to go work as a hairstylist/barber gaining massive confidence and knowledge to be able to finally pursue their dream in a shorter time. For this course the administration will evaluate the student prior to registration. Call the school for details and information and schedule an appointment today.